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In 1857, Jean Neuhaus opened his shop at Galerie de la Reine in Brussels. A few years later, pralines and small boxes of chocolates would be invented there. Over 150 years later, the Neuhaus company still has creativity at the heart of its activities and is continually developing new recipes, shapes and tastes to enrich a collection made up of not only the great classics such as Caprices and Tentation, but also numerous special edition pralines. Neuhaus has given its stores a full makeover, decking them out in brown and coral red shades and fine materials for an eminently ‘chocolaty’ and luxurious ambiance that’s very, not to say a dynamic and modern touch. Currently, Neuhaus has almost 80 outlets throughout Belgium. Discover our stores’ new look and get ready to give in to temptation!

Opening hours

From Monday to Saturday
from 10am to 7pm.
till 8pm.

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