Pleasure shopping is a multitude of small details that makes it a truly pleasurable experience. You will no doubt discover them yourself (if you haven’t already done so) as you stroll the alleys of the Shopping Centre… unless you want to know everything right now.

At your service

Info Desk: the ultimate information service

Are you looking for a boutique or a service? Do you need information? Our hosts and hostesses await you at our Info Desk on level 1 of the Central Area of the Shopping Center, ready to answer all your queries. They will guide you with a smile through our special world. And if you would like to receive information by phone, just contact us on 02/771 20 45.

Gift card

The Gift Card, THE solution when you really aim to please. The Gift Card is a prepaid card that you buy for a specific amount, from €10 to €250, which will be charged on the card. It can then be gifted to the person of your choice who can treat themselves in our stores. Available from the Info Desk.

WiFi connection

Stay connected for all your business dealings and activities: the WiFi network is available free of charge throughout the Shopping Center.

Recycle Point

Recycling is a simple, responsible and vital gesture for the environment. To make it easier for you to recycle, Woluwe Shopping has set up a Recycle Point (in the purple entrance, near the public toilets under the Info Desk) to collect your recyclable waste: batteries, light bulbs and neon lights, small electrical appliances, clean and dry clothes in closed bags… Together, let’s recycle more! The planet is thanking you already.


Got a slight headache while shopping? A little scratch? A medical prescription to pick up? A need to replenish your medicine cabinet for the holidays? You can now find your remedy at the Woluwe Shopping Centre: a Drugstore awaits to welcome you on the ground floor with every type of health and care advice.

Passport photos

Ah, those pesky passport photos: it’s just when you need them that you don’t know where to take them! Woluwe Shopping comes to the rescue with no fewer than three options: at Mister Minit, on level 0 on the car park side, and at the two photo booths, one in the underground station entrance and the other in the entrance next to the Fidenziana shop. So go on, give us a smile 😉

Public toilets

Public toilets that are always clean and accessible to people with reduced mobility are located at the level of the purple lock under the elevator of the central floor and also at the Food Court, opposite “Traiteur Giordani”.

UPS Access point at the information service

It is possible for you to be delivered and to send parcels via the UPS Access point located at the Info Desk. This service is available during Shopping hours.

Lockers Bpost

Have your parcels delivered to the Bpost lockers installed between Quick Talon and Mr Donut, in the underground station entrance. Easy, practical and a real time-saver !

Accessible for everyone from everywhere

Five lifts

The Shopping Center has several escalators, but if you have a pushchair or are in a wheelchair you can take one of the five lifts.

Access for people with reduced mobility

Wide corridors, sliding doors, five lifts and spacious boutiques open onto the gallery: the Shopping Center offers easy access for people with reduced mobility.

Loan of wheelchairs

If you have difficulty getting around or standing for periods of time, the Shopping Center will loan you a wheelchair free of charge. For more information contact the Info Desk.

For your children

Changing table

You cannot plan when your baby will need a nappy change, so we have installed a changing table so that you can change your baby in total discretion. It is located in the toilets on the ground floor near the Rotunda, close to the exit to Car Park 2, opposite Giordani.

Pushchair loan

The Shopping Center is vast and your tiny tots may get tired walking around such a lot. For this reason, the Shopping Mall has pushchairs that are available on loan free of charge. For more information contact the Info Desk.


And why not make your family outing a fun event for all? Thanks to our Boobaloos-, little coloured cars that are easy to manoeuvre – tiny tots will adore going shopping with you. For more information contact the Info Desk.

Personalised bracelets for your children

Are you worried that if you turn away for a moment your child will be lost from your sight? Don’t worry; they won’t have gone far. We can provide you with Personalised bracelets on which you can write their name so that if they do go astray, an announcement can be sent out on the loudspeaker system so that they are returned to you safe and sound. For more information contact the Info Desk.

You have a problem? We have the answer

Cash dispensers

Do you need cash? You will find cash machines on the ground floor, in the corridor towards the Boulevard de la Woluwe.

Mobile phone charger

Has your battery run out? We have the solution for you. We have a number of different chargers available one of which is bound to be compatible with your mobile phone. For more information contact the Info Desk.


Sometimes you need to broadcast an urgent message: a child has gone astray, a car is badly parked. You can make an announcement at the Info Desk.


Do you need an urgent duplicate of a document, an invoice, your ID card or some other item? it’s possible at K-DO.

Lost property

An abandoned umbrella? A jacket left behind? A briefcase gone astray? As a good citizen you should hand in whatever you find to the Info Desk. Because if you were to lose something, you would very happy if someone handed it in for you wouldn’t you? Do to others as you would have them do unto you.

First Aid kit and defibrillator

Someone has a little accident or has some sort of attack? A First Aid kit as well as a defibrillator is available for qualified people to administer first aid.

Car Wash

Does your car need a good clean outside and inside? Why not let the Car Wash do this for you while you do your shopping. At the far end of the Shopping Center. It will be glowingly clean when you come back to pick it up.

Express repair service

Has the button on your trousers come off? Has your seam come undone? We have the solution to your problem. The Retouch’ boutique on level 0 will carry out any repairs for you in record time so that you can continue shopping in total comfort.

A post office

Do you need to make a few transactions via a post office? No need to go far, just outside the Shopping Center, on Rue Saint Lambert, is a post office that is open from 09:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 09:30 a.m to 6:00 p.m on Tuesday and Thursday and from 09:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m on Saturday.

On foot, by bike or by car

Almost 2000 parking spaces

The Shopping Center has almost 2,000 parking spaces with four entrances on Rue Saint Lambert and Boulevard de la Woluwe. Car Parks +1, +2 and -1 are located in the new extension. Not many people know about the existence of Car Park P2 located at the far end of the Woluwe Shopping Center. You will find a space there very quickly and be able to make your way into the Shopping Center in no time at all.

Shared cars

The shopping centre offers a car sharing service (via the Poppy app), with a dedicated parking area in the outdoor car park (Avenue P. Hymans side). Handy if you’re buying bulky goods!

Charging points for electric vehicles

Woluwe Shopping Center has 8 parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles, equipped with charging points.

And why not by bike?

The Shopping Center is easily accessible for those who travel by bike using the safe bike lanes. More than 200 spaces for bikes have been reserved in the car park. However, we strongly recommend that you secure them with a padlock. For maximum security there is a secure bike park on the Boulevard de la Woluwe, at the first entrance for vehicles, on the right hand side. Just ring the bell and a guard will open the doors for you via a videophone so that you can park your bike there in total security. To pick up your bike again, just repeat the procedure. But you should still fasten it with a padlock even in this secure place.

Taxi reservations

The Info Desk offers a taxi reservation service. Once the taxi has been called you just go to the taxi drop-off point located at the entrance of the Shopping Center on Rue Saint Lambert, next to the Match supermarket and the former Total petrol station.

Access to the metro right in the heart of the Shopping Centre

You can access the Roodebeek station (line 1 Gare de l’Ouest-Stockel.) directly from the Woluwe Shopping Center. And our Shopping Center is also served by five different bus routes.
STIB : Tram 8, Bus 29 & 45
De Lijn : 359-659
TEC : Conforto Bis
LLN-Wavre-Kraainem- Roodebeek

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