Art Shopping Woluwe

Art Shopping Woluwe


From Monday 3rd until Saturday 8th of October 2016, more than fifty artists and galleries, will exhibit their work at the Woluwe Shopping Center.
This is the third edition of Art Shopping Woluwe and fits perfectly in the annual “affordable” art events.

More than fifty artists from a dozen countries.

They come from Africa, Belgium, England, Estonia, France, Italy, Portugal, the United States and all of them answered the call of the organizer of the event Frieda Vanderstucken. The public will have the opportunity to discover, absolutely free, all these works of art centralized in one impressive collection.

To familiarize the public with “affordable” contemporary art.

Art Shopping Woluwe aims for a larger public to become familiarized with the different disciplines of contemporary art like painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, mixed techniques.

Frieda Vanderstucken : “By presenting works of artists in this highly frequented place, contemporary art meets the public by integrating itself naturally in its everyday life. We want this unique event, where everybody is welcome, to be a moment of sharing and discovery between the visitors and the artists”.




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