The thrice “YES” Jumble Sale!

Yes to destocking, yes to low prices, yes to the glamour ambiance of the January jumble sale at the Woluwe Shopping Centre!

This is a jumble sale like no other, packing the best of shopping pleasure: trends, fashion, and above all friendly prices on the last seasonal items.

Because when you know the shops, brands, quality level, and choices of the Woluwe Shopping Centre, then “the last sweep of the sales” is clearly worth a detour.

So come and get the best of everything: good deals, good finds, fun, and even a touch of glamour to boot! In a word, this is a jumble sale that will make you crazy about jumble sales.

The thrice YES Jumble Sale awaits at the Woluwe Shopping Centre to triple your shopping leisure on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, January 28, 29 and 30.