Let’s turn this Sunday into a feast of privileges 

Why not start celebrating already in November? That is what the Woluwe Shopping Centre has in mind, in any event, having decided to set things alight and double the feast of privileges this Sunday, 8 November! 

Set children’s toys alight with the arrival of Saint Nick at 11:00 AM sharp: he will make quite an entrance in the gallery, accompanied by his colourful and joyous retinue. And he will receive his biggest fans as of 2:00 PM privately  to garner all their secrets.

Set alight too the flamboyant colours and irresistible autumn trends with cool benefits and prices on all the seasonal, fashion, beauty and leisure articles that still decorate our shops.

In short, a thousands and one reasons to celebrate with benefits in dozens of shops, special prices on certain items, and a mad atmosphere for me and my entire family.

A day of celebration, fool of colour and joy awaits at my Woluwe Shopping Centre open this Sunday, 8 November from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


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